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Explanation of Grievance:
4 years ago Sla307 Art Space - the SLA cultural department was created by a collective of artists-volunteers to renew the content of SLA, one of the oldest remaining Lithuanian organizations then on the brink of extinction. To become its cultural department within the mission to create a situation were Lithuanian culture can participate openly and equally within the richness of New York's multicultural diversity.  Such ideas have never been embodied by any Lithuanian community, or at least in NY. 

We, who passionately are keeping Art program alive have had enough motivation, knowledge, and experience in the art field to run it. We do not ask the SLA organization anything else, but a healthy support through positive collaboration, dialogue, and understanding to allow us to work in order to move forward by improving Sla307 program’s functions. We are not asking for financial credits or any special credits, even though this requires a lot of dedication, we are motivated to work hard to keep on creating a cultural program for the Lithuanian and NY community.  Not only diligently working on our calendars of exhibitions, but we’ve also been extensively collaborating and sharing this space with the Lithuanian community. Many of you witnessed a great number of diverse and interesting exhibitions/events: near 80% of all Sla307 programming over its existence was dedicated to highlight American Lithuanian as well as Lithuanian authors creating in multiple disciplines: artists, poets, writers, filmmakers, performers.

Over last 2 years, we’ve made many attempts at SLA board meetings to discuss real possibilities for Sla307 to obtain finances from grant applications, implementation of a donation button on all social media platforms, on our website - which is the way to sustain SLA as non-profit activities. But, instead, we were refused once and again any help in establishing these necessary features, for SLA refuses to grant access to an account. The SLA organization’s last attempt to brush away/dissolve Sla307 four year achievements and erase Sla307 existence as such is an act of defacement by arbitrarily removing Sla307 logos off SLA gallery’s facade windows last month.

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