South Africa

Turkey was very forward-thinking in animal rights, and in 2004 passed an animal rights act protecting all street animals - which has also made these animals that have been abandoned by humans to become a part of the community and bring about the change in the way that these animals are treated.

A country that has an animal rights act in place would reflect a society that shows compassion and tolerance to all strays/street animals. Its also a reflection of a country that has taken the initiative to take animal rights into account and bring about the change that needs to be implemented to protect the these animals who are vulnerable and subjected to conditions where they suffer daily and are at the forefront of animal abuse and suffering. There are many organisations doing amazing work for strays/steet animals and assisting communities with ongoing projects and education on animal welfare but a lot more should be done for animals without protection that are homeless and defenseless. The act if passed would ensure that anyone intending on making an animal suffer would carry the weight of the law and that justice would prevail to ensure that all animals are protected.

The vulnerable are the ones that suffer the most and without a law, no justice would prevail for them. We are a country with so much to give that we can bring about the change in animal rights that needs to be made for their protection because they are part of this country too.

We, the undersigned, call on the South African Government to pass an animal rights act that protects all street/stray animals.

The plight of strays is one of the most visible animal welfare issues in the world today. With a lack of knowledge and resources, communities resort to randomly taking matters into their hands not quite understanding the animals plight.

We can bring about the change that needs to be made to protect all creatures from pain and suffering.

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