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The Town Board of Ossining is contemplating re-zoning the former Stony Lodge property, solely to enable the development of the proposed high density 188-unit River Knoll apartment project, thereby destroying the livability and character of the surrounding single-family home neighborhoods

In July 2019, hundreds of concerned citizens met with considerable resistance from the Town Supervisor when the citizens told the Board their objections to this proposed zoning change during a public hearing

The Town of Ossining Board needs to hear loudly and clearly from their constituents that they SHOULD NOT APPROVE this illegal zoning change and they should not support this project.

October 2019

Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg
Members of the Town Board
16 Croton Avenue
Ossining, NY 10562

Re: Rezoning of the Former Stony Lodge property, 40 Croton Dam Road

I am writing to let your Board know that I oppose the proposed River Knoll project and the proposed rezoning of the above referenced parcel of land.

First, I have reviewed the description of illegal spot zoning, and in my opinion, the proposed zoning change meets all of the criteria;

1. The area of the spot zone is quite small as compared to the extent of surrounding single-family zones;
2. The proposed multi-family apartment use is inconsistent with the surrounding zoning districts,
3. The spot zone would provide only benefit to one landowner, the River Knoll property developer, Glenco Group LLC,
4. Finally, when reading the actual text of the Town’s Comprehensive Master Plan:

"Promote development and redevelopment which is consistent with the current scale and historic character of the community; encourages a balanced pattern of land use; allows for the efficient provision of utilities, public services and facilities; concentrates business activity within the existing commercial areas; preserves residential neighborhoods; and protects environmental resources."

Accordingly, this massive apartment project could never be consistent with the scale and character of this single-family residence neighborhood, and certainly doesn’t support the preservation of our residential neighborhoods or the protection of our environmental resources.

Next, it is extremely troubling that the developer has completely misrepresented and underestimated the impacts to our community. The developer states that the impacts from building its 188-unit complex are far less than the impacts from building 30 new single-family houses on the same property. However, this is a completely inaccurate comparison. Due to the steep slopes and other environmental factors, only eight new single-family homes can be built on this property. The number of cars (350+ more cars vs. 16) the traffic, congestion, and school impacts (29 new students vs. 15) are far less if the proper comparison is made. Clearly, eight new single-family homes would fit into the character of the existing neighborhood and would be a welcome addition to Ossining’s community.

Lastly, I implore you to listen to the people who you represent, the people who live in Ossining, not the out of town developer, and reject the proposed zoning change and reject this project.

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