#Consumer Affairs
Orange Botswana

Orange Botswana fails it consumers thus:

1. No customer service whatsoever
2. Complaints are NEVER acted upon
3. Unsolicited text messages
4. Inaccurate billing
5. Untrained and unprofessional staff
6. Unacceptable Internet connectivity
7. Over priced and unreliable products

We, the undersigned, call on Orange Botswana, to do the following:

1. Improve your customer service DRASTICALLY
2. Deal with complaints in a timely, efficient and professional manner
3. Stop the constant flow of unsolicited text messages
4. Ensure you have an accurate billing procedure
5. Train your staff to know their jobs and behave professionally at all times
6. Improve the capacity of your mobile internet service. it is at an unacceptably poor level for what you charge.
7. Price your products according to the service they offer. If you cannot deliver this service, then do not sell it in the first place.

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The Orange Botswana - Do The Job You Are Paid For! petition to Orange Botswana was written by Robert Barber and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.

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