#Opposing Constitutional Amendment Proposal of YMCA Movement in INDIA
World Alliance of YMCAs (YMCA World Council)

All YMCAs Should Protest and oppose the Amendment Proposals for NCYI Constitution.
Why we opposing the Amendments.....?
1. The actions of NCYI through the Proposals for Amend the Constitution are against the Autonomy and Independence of the unit YMCA- the back-bone of the movement and are against the basic principles envisaged in the NCYI Constitution's Preamble.
2. NCYI denied the renewal of affiliation with the NCYI for so many YMCAs in time, for not to represent in the Special General Body Meeting for the amendment of its Constitution, after receiving all the records, returns and fees as per their notice, in time and they are expelled from the Good standing list (not defined in the constitution) as at 31-12-2016.
3. More than 1/3 portion of members of the society has not received the proposals of amendment for the society's Constitution.
4. The General Secretary faild in acting as the position as per Clause II 6 (a) in last year and this year and no action taken against him by the National Executive. This means the National Executive have a decided to expel many YMCAs from the Good standing List as at 31-12-2016.
5. The majority of the General body makes decisions. But the amendment proposal says the single person also make decisions and change decisions of the majority. ( Amendment proposal (New) Art.XIII 8 (a). This will kill the democratic process of the General body of the unit YMCA.
6. In the democratic process, the delegation according to the number of members are the right way. In the existing constitution, there is such clauses. Now in the new amendments, that changed as single delegation for all units having 25 members and having 1000 or above. It is a non democratic method.
Such a way many more unjust clauses included in the proposals.
So we must oppose the Amendment Proposals........

We the undersigned call on the World Council of YMCAs to stop the unethical and unlawful Amendments to the National YMCA Constitution of India and make an inquiry against the Officers and their doings within the Indian YMCA Movement.

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