All Legal Americans
United States of America

A Former Soldier Case Against Illegal Alien Invaders

"Now Is The Time For All Good Men to Come to The Aid Of Our Country!"

Soon Illegal Alien Invaders will be granted AMNESTY (legal) status by DEFAULT! Because Legal Americans DID NOTHING to stop them. Have you ever been summoned to court to answer a charge, but you didn't show up to defend your self and make your case, so the other party WON BY YOUR DEFAULT? That's what's happening now in this country! In just a little while Illegal Alien Invaders will get;

· AMNESTY (Legal Status) By OUR DEFAULT!

There is only one question that all legal Americans must answer, and answer now. This question is also the MANDATE for the president of the United States. We must get ready to sit 3 Million plus signatures on his desk, with the answer to this question. Yes the number is high because this issue is that important, and we have 300 Million plus legal people in America:

· Should illegal alien invaders stay here illegally in America and gain LEGAL AMNESTY status by DEFAULT (American's Inaction) or should they Go Back?

As a legal American and a former Army National Guard soldier with a say in the matter, I say they Go Back with;

Operation Go Back!

* How about you?
* What do you say?
* Do they stay here illegally?
* Do they get Amnesty by default?
* Or, do they Go Back and return when they've entered our country the right way?

The Free Ride for Illegal Alien Invaders is Over! We must GET UP and DO SOMETHING about their blatant practice of ILLEGAL ENTRY!

* How can illegal alien invaders enriching themselves in my country be good FOR ME (the middle class Americans)? Wouldn't there be less for me?

* Anyone with a 5th grade education can see that if you and yours TAKE a slice of my PIE (America's economy) then, there will be less PIE for me and mines!

If you agree with me and millions like me then sign our petition, and join The Operation Go Back movement! Help me start an Operation Go Back chapter in every home; city, and state, until we SEND THEM ALL BACK!

Help Take Back Our Country!

Americans, the time has come to deport all illegal aliens from this country. If we don't correct this illegal immigration problem now, which is part of America's financial problem, and not part of the solution, we will be sorry later!

And if we don't deport all illegal aliens from this country now, this country will fall under the heavy expense of "taking care" of an illegal class of people, that shouldn't be here in the first place, while the families of legal Americans are neglected. This is happening now.

Legal Americans are suffering because of the illegal aliens in this country taking up resources that was created for the legal citizens. If you take the resources from the legal citizens and give them to foreign illegal invaders, wouldn't there be less for the legal citizens? This is the common sense that The Spanish People Advocacy Movement (SPAM) dont want you to use!

If you agree with me and millions like me then sign our petition, and join The Operation Go Back movement!

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