1. Utility Company Budva - Working unit - Shelter for Abandoned Animals 2. Veterinary Inspection M

Based on the article95 paragraph3 of the Constitution of Montenegro, the undersigned citizens and NGO "Arka Montenegro" Budva submit and require the response to:


We demand free access for volunteers and visitors to the asylum at Paštrovska gora every working day for in the period of 13-18h (winter) and 16-20h (summer) also free access to the dogs, the possibility of feeding, bathing and medical treatment, the possibility of photo shooting the dogs and their adoption.

Also we demand shift of the executive of asylum for extremely unconscientiously operating and shift of workers in this asylum.

The fact that it's not allowed to enter the asylum and photograph dogs, says that something is obviously hidden.

For a long time we do not have free access to asylum, except in the specific working hours on Thursdays and only for half an hour and that with prior notice, without any contact with dogs or their feeding.

The dogs in the shelter are kept in very inhumane conditions and end up in the worst possible way - violent death or missing in the extremely inexplicable way.

Taking into consideration all of the above mentioned, we require from the public authorities to initiate the procedure or take measures or actions within its jurisdiction.

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