State Government and City of Melville
Alfred Cove/Tompkins Park

Tompkins Park/Alfred Cove is entirely the WRONG PLACE for a wave park, as proposed by Melville Council.
The wave park will generate noise, pollution, congestion and disturbance which poses a specific threat to the fragile environment and threatened fauna and flora of the Swan Estuary Marine Park & adjacent Alfred Cove A-class Nature Reserve.
The proposed wave park should also be located away from a busy, gridlocked road such as Canning Highway.
The wave park development would take up a size of 44,065 sqm (4.4 hectares) on what should be green open space. This space should never be used by City of Melville for revenue raising.
Alfred Cove Action Group are NOT against a Wave Park, but AGAINST the proposed site of Tompkins Park/Alfred Park.
We know that surfers with an environmental conscience will see the sense of this.

We, the undersigned, believe that Tompkins Park/Alfred Cove is entirely the WRONG PLACE for a wave park as it will destroy nearby Swan Estuary Marine Park and the Alfred Cove A Class nature reserve. We call on the State Government of Western Australia to stop the wave park development and keep the area as green open space.

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