Infinity Ward

The idea was thought of by artist/YouTube user Josh Foulkes & I. Josh left a comment on a game informer YouTube video titled “Answering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s lingering questions”, suggesting a night/realism map of “terminal” from the classic “Modern Warfare 2”. I simply replied to Josh’s comment on how cool the idea would be, & how a petition should be started for the idea. Josh and I soon began coming up with ideas for the classic map catching the eye of many other YouTube users who backed our idea, & said they would definitely sign it! Josh’s comment is now at 134 likes and growing, with numerous inputs. Fans would love this!

As many COD fans may know, the new “Modern Warfare”, has an AMAZING looking Night/Realism game mode waiting for us! Wouldn’t it be awesome to see this new mode on the iconic “TERMINAL” map from MW2?! Obviously not at launch, but maybe sometime in the future with DLC. The airport could be dark from an EMP or something, & the plane could have those nice, deep, blue lights on inside the cabin. Similar to real planes at night. Or Infinity Ward could surprise us with something else similar. LETS TRY TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

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