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U.S. Naval officer Emmanuel Dewayne Coble is accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend, Raquiah Paulette King, early in the morning of July 21, 2022, after she refused to get an abortion the day before. Homicide is a leading cause of death for pregnant women, especially those who are unmarried. A much-needed Creditorship Amendment would protect a woman's right to choose life, by taking away the primary motive for crimes against pregnant women.

We, the undersigned, call on governments to ratify the Creditorship Amendment to its state or federal constitution. The Creditorship Amendment is a proposed amendment to any state or federal constitution, and it states the following:

"From now on, no debt shall be forgiven by killing the creditor. This includes the child support debt that a male incurs when he impregnates a female as well as the childbearing debt that the female incurs if she consented to the act which caused the pregnancy. The two debtors owe the two debts to their preborn offspring, who is therefore their creditor. If someone kills their creditor, the child support debt shall still be paid, with the proceeds going towards the welfare of other underprivileged children. If the female freely chooses to get an unnecessary abortion, then her childbearing debt shall be converted into a partial child support debt, with the child support debt of the male being reduced by the amount assumed by the female."

That is section 1 of the proposed amendment, and it summarizes what the law would do with abortion-minded couples in general. If the abortion-minded man cannot get his child support debt forgiven by making his pregnant girlfriend get an abortion, then he will not try to make her get one. Nor will he murder her for refusing to get one. Crimes against pregnant women would stop.

Sections 2, 3, and 4 of the amendment outline how the law would handle the specific cases of necessary abortion (when the woman's life is in danger), rape, and the inability to pay child support. The law would handle those cases in a just manner. A proposed bipartisan bill called the "Right to Choose Life Act" is based on the proposed Creditorship Amendment. The text of both can be found at the website indicated above.

Please sign this bipartisan petition and share it with others, so that government officials will see a high level of public support for the Creditorship Amendment and Right to Choose Life Act. In future elections, please do not vote for anyone who opposes the amendment or for the opponent of anyone who supports the amendment unless the opponent also supports it. The idea for the Creditorship Amendment is new, and we do not know if it will ever be ratified. What we do know is that the idea is right and just. Therefore, it's an idea that all people of good will can get behind, regardless of race, gender, religion, or party affiliation.

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