To Get Rid of the House of Representatives
United States of America

What are the duties and the significance of the members of the House of Representatives. The positions are costly and Americans pay significant taxes to sponsor these positions. All they do is to complicate matters, drive around in chauffeured cars, party, live on the expense of Americans.

Each state is represented by a Congress person why have all these unnecessary people. That will decrease the deficit tremendously, instead of cutting out vital programs for American's quality of life.

Some modifications need to be made in Government.

We, the undersigned call upon the U.S. Government to make modifications in the U.S. Government by eliminating the House of Representatives.

We, the American people, working class people, no longer want our financial status threatened by cuts.

This is an American issue, cuts should be made throughout the ENTIRE Government. Congress and the House can sit back and vote to make cuts that threaten our lives, but the protect their situations and they are not needed.

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