Meijer Inc.
United States of America

1- The situation is that we as Meijer employees deserve better pay, longer breaks and better benefits.

2- What we need is: increased pay (at least $10-$15/hour); Longer breaks and lunches (20 minute breaks, 35 minute lunches); Improved benefits; A larger employee discount (20% including groceries); A union that is actually there for its employees (if no union or all); Consistent hours.

3- All this is needed because of the increase in gas prices, college students that live on their own, or people in general that are employees of this company that are struggling ; single parents, college students, and or these of low income homes.

People who struggle everyday to pay rent or mortgage, utilities, car notes, car payments, college loans or even those who struggle to keep the electricity on and food on the table.

We petition Meijer Inc. for Meijer employees. We Meijer employees request:

- Increased pay.
- Longer Breaks & Lunches.
- Improved Benefits.
- A Larger Employee Discount.
- A Union that is actually there to help employees in need.
- And consistent hours given to employees.

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