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I'm creating a cause to show that young people in the state of Florida over the age of 18 are having a difficult time getting medicaid in this state. My daughter was told if she is pregnant she will get medicaid otherwise you must be disabled and on SSI to recieve medicaid.

For over 2 1/2 years we have fought SSI about this issue and in October of 2010 for the 3rd time she was denied once again. Her blood sugar has been critical running 700, 600, 500 with no means to check her sugar and buy her insulin. This problem needs to be put out there to show this is a huge issue. I am asking that people sign a petition to let the State of Florida know that the rules must change to give young people medical help they need.

I was very sadden when talking to a lady who lost her daughter from diabetes at the age of 22. That her daughter was denied SSI at the age of 18 and she was working but constantly missing work due to her illness and inabilty to get medicaid. She was telling me the same thing that I was facing with this problem and the difficulties of getting SSI and medicaid in this state. To me it seems more easy for some states to get government subsidy and their qualifications states that income must be to recieve medicaid. Medicaid allows you to have $660 a month income. If your income is $800 a month, you will have made $140 a month too much.

My daughter has no income and has no means to pay for them. I met a woman who said she got approved for medicad in Maine and when she moved to Florida she was told she was not disabled and had to pay the money back.

We the people of Florida want Gov. Ric Scott to follow the rules the government set to get medicad to make up to allows you to have $660 a month income to $800 a month. To continue to assist young people who medically need medicaid to get it with no hassel or break in coverage.

The notion is if they can cook answer a phone they can work so they are ineligible to receive help. If they want it this way make sure before they cut medicaid to people who need it the most that these people have a job and can afford to get medical insurance. Or at least have jobs set up to monitor there ability to work and give reports back to the state or Government.

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