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NO to history-twisting, NO to historical propaganda, NO TO ANY NON-GREEK MACEDONIA.

Few people know what is going on in the Balkans at this moment.

The history of the home of modern civilisation, Greece, is about to be changed by some bureaucrats for the sake of stability in the region. But stability cannot be achieved if we let the state of Skopje call itself 'Macedonia' in any way.

Macedonia was the home of Alexander the Great, and the Macedonian kingdom, like Sparta, Athens and other Hellenic city-states, which all go back over 3000 years, composed the Hellenic Nation, the one you all know as Greek. They all took part in the, restricted to Hellenes, Olympic Games and their language, culture, religion, art and history were Greek.

In times of Alexander, and throughout many wars and fights, Macedonia, expanded and reached the Middle East and Northern Africa. Therefore, many foreign people have experienced Macedonian sovereignty; the fact that the Skopjean State occupies a part of the ancient Macedonian territory is true, and the fact that, in parts of Skopje, you can find Macedonian exhibits is equally undeniable.

In modern times, Greece has been restricted to its actual territory, due to significant disputes over territory and minorities in the Balkans, which ended up in long negotiations and treaties aiming at stability in the area.

Greece could claim those Macedonian territories, could demand any ancient Macedonian territory's annexation. BUT WE DON'T. We don't threaten anyone, we don't claim anything. We protect our rights!

In the past century, Greek governments and politicians have done nothing but incline to any foreign demand. In 1944, nothing was done when Yugoslavia was divided into six semi-autonomous provinces/"republics" and the province of southernmost Yugoslavia, which until then had only been known as 'Vardarska', was suddenly renamed 'Macedonia'. In the 1990's, nothing was done when Skopje was formally recognized by the United Nations as the 'Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia' (F.Y.R.O.M.).

But, this has proven to be far more than a superficial name problem. To those who say "what's in a name? too much fuss over nothing", there's nothing really in a name; there are many cities called Athens in the world(Athens is the Greek Capital and an ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom)... many Alexandrias as well (cities founded by Alexander the Great)!
The point is in the effort that the actual state of FYROM, former Skopje and ex-county of Vardaska is making to distort historical facts, deny Greek History, claim our heroes and territories to be theirs etc etc.

Here is what some of them have said in the past...

"We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great ...our language is closely related to Bulgarian... there is some confusion about the identity of the people of this country."
[FYROM's Ambassador to Canada, Gyordan Veselinov in an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, 24 February 1999]

"We came to this area in the sixth century... we are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians."
[FYROM'S President Mr. Kiro Gligorov, Foreign Information Service Daily Report, Eastern Europe, February 26, 1992, p. 35.]

Therefore, why do they insist on adopting the word 'Macedonia' into the name of their country? Why did they rename their airport “Alexander the Great”?… This is a unique case, one of the greatest attempted frauds in History.

Please invite friends to join and sign our petition in order to stop this masquerade.

Just think for a moment that this so called "stability effort", "democracy vindication", these history-twisting world treaties may affect YOUR country as well some day.. if it hasn't already...


MANY OF YOU HAVE ALREADY CONTACTED US ABOUT THE COUNTRY FIELD CHOICE OF MACEDONIA (F.Y.R.O.M.). We have contacted 'GoPetition' and the initial Macedonia choice was replaced by this latest version. Most countries around the world have recognized Skopje as Republic of Macedonia (R.O.M.), so the international standards hold to that name for present. The purpose of this petition is to stop F.Y.R.O.M.'s negociations with the E.U., so that, if they wish to be admitted, they will be obliged to change their name. ANY OTHER SITE WOULD HAVE PROPOSED THE SAME CHOICE IN THE COUNTRY FIELD.

Thank you all for your comprehension.

Dear members of the European Council,

We, the undersigned, urge you to stop the negotiations with F.Y.R.O.M. until their government adopts a name that does not include the word ’Macedonia’. Macedonia is now, and has always been, a region in northern Greece, and this is supported by all the historical evidence. Any other political entity’s attempt to have the word ’Macedonia’ as a part of their name is historically invalid.

The actual F.Y.R.O.M. has the right to be an independent country and have a name that corresponds to its true ethnic make-up, culture, and history. It has no right to claim things, people and events that the historical record has clearly established as Greek.

We, people respectful of true history, demand that F.Y.R.O.M. not be allowed to have the word ’Macedonia’ as part of their name in any way.

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