You can't think of Chris Redfield and not think of his "partner" Jill Valentine. Those two are a package deal. Each game has brought their relationship closer together but now after Resident Evil 5, it has left them in the "friend zone". There must be thousands of FanFiction stories and Fanart graphics all over the web, dedicated to Valenfield. It is finally time to bring these two and their inescapable chemistry, together for good. Letting Chris be the brooding, tough guy was intriguing at first but now it's time to express his love that has only grown stronger. He doesn't need another 'little sister" or 'friend". Chris needs a wife and no one could possibly fill those shoes better than our Valentine. In Resident Evil Revelations, hearing Parker tell Jessica “Maybe he’s already taken” was enough to send my heart strings into overdrive. I’ve been playing these games since I was 10 years old. Now 17 years, later my passion and dedication to this hasn’t faltered. Every time I see Chris holding Jill in his arms after removing the chest device makes my passion ignite. Her reaction after apologizing for her ‘actions’ was the greatest moment in Resident Evil history. It was the closest they’ve ever come to kissing and my heart can’t take it if their romance never happens.
If you need more proof, just read this webpage https://shipping.fandom.com/wiki/Valenfield

Please let Capcom and everyone responsible for Resident Evil know that Valenfield needs to happen. Too many times have game developers ignored their fans and lost respect because of it. Mass Effect Andromeda proves that people don't get what they want and the reputation of Bioware and the creators have suffered. Please, if you want this to happen, sign the petition and let your voice be heard.

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