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As neighbors of the Lubber Run Community Center, we are pleased that the County is planning to renovate the center. However, in spite of multiple community meetings, the planning process has resulted in a design that is not consistent with community preferences. The surrounding community has been clear, since the first meetings, that the new building should be appropriately sized for the site and that the green space on the site should be preserved. The design that has been proposed by VMDO does not fit this vision. It is too big and complex. It eliminates precious green space, play space, and habitat. It infringes on the trees in the park. It pushes existing courts and playground closer to the road. And, it will incur ongoing maintenance costs that we cannot be certain will be in future budgets.

We respectfully ask that the County request a revised design from VMDO that does the following:
1) Create a smaller footprint. We understand that the new building will be bigger than the original to allow for more uses, however, it should not run the full length of George Mason and intrude as far onto the park as it does. At the design meeting in mid-May, the architect showed two designs (Options 1 and 2) that provided significant space while limiting the footprint. Please reevaluate those.
2) Preserve the existing parkland. We are disappointed by the fact that after putting the parking lot underground, we have less on-ground green space than we did before. The open space in the park is used heavily by the community and Barrett Elementary school for recreation. We prefer open, unstructured, flexible space over the multiple courtyards, patios, ball courts specified in the design.
3) Minimize potential maintenance issues. The boardwalks and green roof features add to the size of the building and the manufactured feeling of the space. They will also require maintenance to remain green and attractive. Since DPR’s future budgets can’t be guaranteed, we are uncomfortable with a building that will require increased maintenance.
4) Bring the courts and play space back towards the center of the space. With the expansion of the building, the new site puts the playground and the courts close to the road. This creates safety issues as well as noise for the closest homes. A building with a smaller footprint will allow for these key functions to be located closer to their current sites.
In short, we ask that VMDO produce a design for a simpler, more compact facility.
Thank you.

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