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Dr. Mubashar Hasan is a human rights defender and Assistant Professor of Political Science in North South University, Dhaka. He has conducted several research projects, written articles, and presented papers on democracy, terrorism and the rise of violent religious extremism. The human rights defender also founded, an interactive online platform promoting democracy, pluralism and multiculturalism in Bangladesh.

Mubashar Hasan is an Assistant Professor at North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to local media reports he has been missing since November 7th and was last seen near Lions Eye Hospital at Agargao. Awarded a doctorate from Australia’s Griffith University in 2016, he was renowned for his research on Islamic extremism. Human rights groups in Bangladesh said Hasan’s disappearance was the ninth high-profile case since July; many targeted against progressive academics, bloggers and critics. In the interest of preserving universal civil liberties and political rights, we call on the Bangladeshi government (including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasin) and Dhaka Metropolitan Police to do all in their power to locate Mubashar Hasan. Petition organised by: Dr Shannon Brincat, Dr Lee Morgenbesser & Lucy West.

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