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We are a group of local parents, teachers and members of the local community opposed to the setting up of the Michaela ‘free’ school in Lambeth.

We think that the planning for school places has to be done in collaboration with the local community. Putting this school in the north of the borough of Lambeth will directly compete with our existing local schools and is not where the school place shortages are.

We believe that the evidence from ‘free’ schools has shown that they lead to increased social segregation, lower attainment and have been run for profit. These are not the kind of schools that will improve the attainment of black pupils.

We believe that all children need decent school buildings, investment in their schools and smaller class sizes. Free schools have been funded by cutting two desperately needed grants, including the BSF (Building Schools for the Future) money promised to our existing local schools.

We know that the cuts to education and public services and the raising of tuition fees will harm our communities but will disproportionately affect black and working class families. The free school movement is part of the plan to privatise our services and will worsen education for all.

We, the undersigned, oppose the setting up of the Michaela School. This could destroy other local schools. We believe that school places need to be planned and the setting up of a school to ‘compete’ with others is damaging to our communities.

This free school will hinder not help the issue of black children’s attainment. Free schools have been more selective and increased segregation.

The Tories are closely linked to this project and it is their cuts that will do the most damage to our education and public services.

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