Humane Society of Northeast Texas Board of Directors
United States of America

Humane Society of Northeast Texas (HSNET) dba Humane Society of Gregg Co. is a kill shelter with an open door policy. It has been in existence since 1972, 40 yrs. Currently the interim director states that she has a 40% save rate; adoption, return to owner, rescues. They take in approximately 900 animals mo. with that save record approximately 585 animals die via lethal injection because they state there is not enough room. This is not killing because of age, infirmity or aggression. BUT SPACE!

During that time, they have refused to hand over financials, euthanasia logs, credentials of directors, and have continually been in the press regarding bad actions bordering on the criminal.

We ask that Humane Society of Northeast Texas (HSNET) dba Humane Society of Gregg Co make public the following: Euthanasia logs for past year, Euthanasia certification of employees conducting euthanasia, DEA 222 forms, financial information specifically all bills pertaining to food, cat litter, medications and vet visits on all animals for past year, and finally credentials of the present Interim Director of Operations.

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