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the City Council of Portland, Oregon
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On December 7th, 2017 the Portland City Council will hear the Portland Art Museum's (PAM's) proposal to change a City's Ordinance and allow PAM to restrict the public's right to passage on vacated Madison Street between 10th Avenue and the South Park blocks.
The PAM proposed Rothko Pavilion will connect the 2 existing Museum structures creating a building super block. The new connector pavilion will allow accessible access for Museum goers between their buildings on the Ground, 2nd and 3rd floors. It will serve as an 'airlock' controlling humidity for the museum and enclose the event space and some of the outdoor sculptures which risk vandalism.

PAM proposes allowing limited hours for free pedestrian passage through this controlled air connector pavilion.

As part of Portland Oregon's urban plan to increase pedestrian friendly city access, Madison Street was vacated (closed to motor vehicles) and Madison Plaza was created. PAM has maintained this publicly accessible outdoor area as an entrance, event space, outdoor sculpture garden and cafe.
The public has maintained the right to pass - without restriction - between the 2 Portland Art Museum buildings (on what was the public Madison street) for decades due to a 1968 easement. That initial easement allowed accessible public passage 24/7 and required a minimum path width of eight feet (10'-12' was provided). In 1984 the museum requested — and was granted — permission to close the plaza at night due to security and vandalism concerns.

In order for PAM to build the proposed Rothko Pavilion, PAM needs Portland City Council to approve a change to the existing easement. If you are concerned about losing this public space and the right to unobstructed passage between SW 10th and the Park Blocks - please sign this petition and ask the City Council to VOTE NO!

I oppose any change to the existing ordinances (Nos. 127882 and 156895) that state as conditions that the vacated Madison Street shall “not be blocked in any manner” and that it “not be used for any purpose other than an open mall.”
Portland Art Museum can be allowed to make accessible connections on 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th floors between their existing buildings, but must maintain the public's right to an open passageway 24/7 for pedestrians, cyclists and pets, on 'Madison' between the Park Blocks and 10th Avenue.

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