we want to see Kampfer season 2 in Tokyo, U.S. and Canada

Kämpfer is a Japanese light novel series by Toshihiko Tsukiji, with illustrations by Senmu.

A manga adaptation by Yu Tachibana started serialization in the April 2008 issue of Monthly Comic Alive. A 12-episode anime adaptation aired in Japan between October and December 2009 on TBS, concluded in spring 2011 with Kämpfer für die Liebe.

It was supposed to have run on April 1st, but because of complications, the release date is TBD. Also, as Adam said, it's only going to be a two episode thing.

I love that show but the ending had much to be desired. I wish they'd make more.

Well... here's the thing, i think this is just an extension of the "New Kämpfer Project" Thread, but whatever:

Probably "New Kampfer project" will probably be a remake ,or a continuation of the Light Novel or story. Hopefully, it's actually a season 2

I am asking you as fans of Kampfer to sign the petition for a second season to be aired.

Hopefully with enough signatures we will be noticed by the makers of Kampfer.^_^