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Hi. My Name is Keneisha Noronha and I would like to ask for the next 5 minutes of your time if you could please, and read the following.

Justin Drew Bieber should not have to face deportation to Canada. He is human, 19 years of age and a celebrity living under the lights of global media and in the shadows of his 13-year old self, the age from which he came to know fame and the version of himself from which he is constantly getting compared to, regardless of the fact that he is ageing and maturing.

Though his criminal offences, magnified on social media, have weakened his once globally-admired image, is that any reason to deport him? For starters, the offences he committed do not require deportation as a punishment. Secondly, how many others have committed the same crimes, if not worse, and have never had to even worry about being deported. Thirdly, who are you going to blame when you have Justin deported and drug use, drag racing, drink driving and ‘egging’ increases in activity in the U.S. ? I am aware that there are many who worry for Justin's future, their children's future, their communities’ future, their nation's future and the world’s future. I do to. How though, is having Justin Deported going to end drug use in the USA, minimise drag racing and drink driving globally and put an end to 'egging' your neighbour's house. The only reason why the world knows of such crime is because it is publicized. It can be statistically proven that there are more people committing crimes, and repeating them, that are not publicised in the media then there are who are publicised. It is so easy to forget the good and focus on the bad, but for how much more longer will we continue to live like this? What does it matter if we do 1,000 good things if they are to be forgotten for one thing bad in a moment of weakness?

Who are we to teach our children that the punishment for drag racing, drink-driving, drug use, urinating in a bucket and ‘egging’ is deportation? We are no-one, because it is not our right. While we are entitled to a voice and opinion, how far will we take it? Will we take it to the point of ruining someone’s life and denying them the chance for redemption? Will we take it to the point of having them deported and witnessing their life go downhill as they feel unsupported and unloved? Or will we lend out a hand in support and comfort? Will we show that we care enough to help them rehabilitate, recover and redeem themselves in an effort to let them know they are worth it? Whatever we decide, it is our decision. I’m just hoping we can all make the fair and just one and see that Justin Bieber has a right to stay in the U.S.A

I would now like to ask that you please find it in your humanity to support me, and I thank you for your time. If you are also interested, you should check out my Facebook page, Let Justin Bieber Stay (, and my Facebook group, Let Justin Bieber Stay ( If you also have an existing petition that you wanted me to check out, please let me know and I shall do so. Justin Bieber deserves a chance, so let us give it to him!

"When you forgive, you in no way change the past- but you sure do change the future.”
–Bernard Meltzer

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Keneisha Noronha

We, the present and future global public, call on the White House of the United States of America to refrain, deny and/or eliminate any pending or approved documents supporting, accepting and legalising the deportation of Justin Drew Bieber to Canada.

We plead our case in the hope that Justin Drew Bieber be able to continue his current residence in the United States of America and not be deported against his will.

We ask and hope that you support us in our endeavour as we strive to reinforce a sense of justice, fairness and equality among the people of our world.

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