Indonesian Embassy in Singapore and Singaporean authorities

There are peculiarities about this case as there are unconfirmed findings. It is known to public that David Hartanto slit his wrist however a few days afterwards the Singaporean Government rectified its own statement as even the Singaporean police did not see the slit on David’s wrist. David’s family was also not allowed to see david’s whole body. They were only allowed to see the head and neck parts; the rest of the body was covered up to the shoulders. I think this is a very suspicious act. As immediate family members of the deceased, it is impossible to forbid them to see the body. It is a clear that they have at least some things to hide from the family. The last but not least, it took one month for the results of autopsy to be known. Normally it does not take that long.

We, the undersigned, call upon justice for the death of David hartanto who has been wrongly terminated unjustly by irresponsible perpetrator yet to be caught.

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