#Human Rights
Concord PD
United States of America

I have given my blood sweat and tears to become disoriented from my own selfishness and hurt those around me by destructively expressing my emotional problems in the cruelest way possible. I will split a dollar in half for a solid 10 minutes on your stage to DJ. I have a 3 yr old daughter who I consistently never see. I despise everyone and everything , I made more than enough mistakes. One specifically is when i spun someone else's record who attempted to spin mine first. And i currently have a warrant out for my arrest for actually never being good at DJing, ever. I am currently dealing with another fellow DJer who called me a yellow retard and im crying so much about it. working as a DJ to make literally everyone in NH realise why I should never be liked and respected. keep the absolutely horrible income growing for my child . For something so depressing like me, I am asking any medically trained professional to make any attempt at fully evaluating my rapidly declining mental health. I am a massive threat to society and your signature would mean so many records I would have to horrificly destroy in front of everyone who hates me.

God bless

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