#Ithaca Food Services
Ithaca Parent Community
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Would you eat this for dinner?

It was served to an Ithaca College student Nov. 9th at the Terraces dining hall. So was a raw chicken thigh. And curdled milk. The list goes on.

Over the past few years, there have been numerous complaints by our students attending Ithaca College regarding the quality and safety of the food served at on-campus dining halls. Issues ranging from moldy bread to spoiled milk to contaminated meat continue to be raised. We hear these complaints from our children via text and texted photos.

The food served to all students must be safe, free of contamination, and nutritious. Too many of our students are skipping meals, making meals out of vending machines, getting sick or requesting money to buy healthy, safe food.

We, the undersigned parents and students of the Ithaca College community, request an immediate and comprehensive review of the food services provided on campus including, but not limited to: quality, sanitation practices, code violations, food preparation and nutrition. We also request a review of other college food services that provide quality options to other Northeast schools, as well as the exploration of a potential joint relationship with the Cornell University student food studies program.

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