#Law & Order
Premier Doug Ford

Paul Bernardo is guilty for the deaths of Kristen French, Leslie Mahaffy and Tammy Homolka.
There are no second chances for victims who are deceased so we say
NO second chance Bernardo..
Please do not parole killer Paul Bernardo .
We say NO to parole Paul Bernardo
Incarcerate Paul Bernardo indefinitely.
Kristen French
Leslie Mahaffy
Tammy Homolka
We shall not forget victims.
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We the undersigned call to protect the public and honor victims of crime.
NO parole for Paul Bernardo.
Incarcerate Paul Bernardo indefinitely.
We will not forget the victims
Kristen French
Leslie Mahaffy
Tammy Homolka .

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The Incarcerate Paul Bernardo indefinitely petition to Premier Doug Ford was written by Linda Beaudoin and is in the category Law & Order at GoPetition.