Starbucks Coffee
United States of America

Many people have complained about the cup sizes that Starbucks offers. According to them, the cup sizes are too big, and the size names can be very confusing. The beverages can sometimes be very costly, according to them.

Sizes Grande, "Venti and Trenti are really too much for anyone to drink. Those Italian size names are contradictory, confusing and weird. Plus, Tall can get confusing because it is supposed to be the smallest size, but it does not SOUND like it. In iced beverages, Venti contradicts the exact ounces.

Please discontinue Grande, Venti and Trenta altogether for BOTH hot AND iced beverages. Instead, please offer only TWO sizes for hot and iced beverages: Short (8 ounces) and Tall (12 ounces). Please introduce a Short size (8 ounces) for iced beverages as well. These were the two sizes that Starbucks originally started out with, and we would all appreciate it if you stuck to only those two sizes. Also, please reduce the prices of your beverages.

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