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Pump-It Powder, is an “enhanced plant vitamin.” It’s the latest synthetic drug to be manufactured and sold under the ruse of a substance, “not intended for human consumption.” Nobody is really even sure what goes into the final product; easy to find and relatively cheap.

We do know that emergency rooms have begun to feel the sting of Pump-It Powder. Patients have reported to the emergency rooms having suffered seizures, hallucinations, and paranoia. Users report to physicians that they are experiencing effects that are similar, but more powerful than, cocaine and methamphetamine. The drug appears to have a regional appeal. Pump-It Powder is popular in the Midwest and plains states. It is easy to find and it is relatively cheap, $30 for a tin container packed with the powder.

The drug can be snorted or “bumped,” injected, or smoked. Of additional concern is that the onset of this drug’s high is somewhat delayed. This situation then prompts users to “bump” a double or triple dose because the onset of effects is not felt right away. Those actions then lead to absorption of a hyper dose and the experience of grossly exaggerated effects and a likely trip to the hospital. Like bath salts, a Pump-It Powder high will trigger DAR signs and symptoms that are consistent with both central nervous system stimulants and hallucinogens. Heart rate, body temperature, and the internal clock will all be accelerated. The pupils will dilate and may exhibit sluggishness in response to direct light.

There may be piloerection (gooseflesh) and user claims of sensory distortions. Users may exhibit behaviors of gross paranoia. The high will last for 4-6 hours, although some users claim that they were held “high” for 12 hours and longer. The symptoms appear to be dose dependent.

We, the undersigned, call on the US government to illegalize the sale and distribution of the synthetic drug Pump it Powder. This drug is very dangerous and can have a lasting effect on your children and loved ones.

Anyone at the given time can buy this, and we would like to keep our families safe by making this illegal to purchase.

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