A few years ago iinet had mobile handsets on sale either outright or by monthly payment plan and was a hit with there mobile customer base as iinet customers could keep up to date with the latest mobile handset and not be left behind in technology. But one night with out any notice to there iinet customers they pulled the mobile handset sales right under the customers feet without giving one reason as to why and even there own staff did not know why.

We are asking iinet to bring back the sales of the latest mobile handsets back both as outright and monthly payment plan in one convenient account just as it was before.

It will keep iinet existing customer base and bring back there old customers as well that had left over the years due to this one reason.

This is people power so sign the petition to get iinet to bring back there moble handset sales as soon as possible as what's the point in getting a iinet sim card when you can't get the latest handset to go with it from the same Telco.

We, the undersigned, call on iinet to bring back the sales of Mobile Handsets to there customers so they can keep up to date with the latest mobile phone technology either outright or by monthly installment plan.

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