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In May 2017 we applied for a permit for the Haunted Half Phoenix Race on October 21, 2017. Beginning in June 2017 the race director began a chain of visits to Phoenix to meet with government officials in regards to planning the race and securing the permit. Up until 45 days prior to the race date we were led to believe everything was on track for the race and the permits and we allowed participants to sign up. At the end of August we received word that we would not be allowed to hold the race on the proposed course and we submitted five alternative course options which were all rejected. The participants who have signed up are upset over the cancellation and we want to give them the opportunity to speak to their government and let them know that they'd like to see this race take place in the future.

We, the undersigned, call on the city planners of Mesa and Phoenix to reconsider allowing the Haunted Half Marathon to take place in October 2018. We feel that there is a large demand by the local residents to participate in said race and feel that the residents of Arizona who had signed up for the race were greatly disappointed because the permits were not allowed in 2017 and they were not able to run in this race after training for it. The Phoenix Haunted Half Race in October 2018 would provide positive benefits to the city, local businesses and residents by providing health and fitness opportunities, increasing revenue dollars, bringing people from Arizona and surrounding states to the city to spend time and money and creating a memorable and fun community tradition that can take place from year to year in celebration of Halloween. We ask the Mesa City Government to consider allowing this race to take place next year.

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