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Antonio Brown
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HEADLINES: FAN SNEAKS ONTO Steelers field and wants to Check AB Antonio Brown @AB#84

I'm calling AB #84 out, Let me
check you!!

Antonio Brown Tells Personnel "Let Him Check Me Real Quick"

About Me
I have been playing football my whole life: little league; high school; college; arena. I got myself in the best shape of my life to make a comeback. No alcohol, smoking no Nothing and followed a strict diet
& excercise regimen. I then traveled over 1,000 miles to the Steelers training camp. I put on a Steelers uniform that I pieced together myself and snuck onto the field. I was waiting on my chance to check AB (Antonio BROrown)). Within a few moments personell caught me on the field and called security. AB response was "let him check me", as I was made to wait to be escorted off the field.. I WILL CHECK AB#84!!

Help me make my football comeback and Dream come true, I will be somewhere in a field near you calling out your favorite recievers!! Please sign this Public Petition to show your support for everyone including me get one shot at their Dreams. Our goal is a Million signatures to get me a chance to check #AB84 and follow our Dreams. Thanks, for your support & time it is greatly appreciated. SIGN YOUR SIGNATURE NOW
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We the Public respectively request the Pittsburgh Steelers or any other NFL Team to allow Torry Nelson to participate in an NFL off-season program which includes mini and Training Camp for the upcoming next year 2019. Or immedietaly this season 2018.
Respectively, requested
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