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Astronomers consider the galaxy a fluid, which means that it's either a liquid or a gas. But, it isn’t an object outside of us. We are of it and, therefore, determine whether it's the former or the latter through our very actions. While liquid is evocative of stable bonds and collectivity, gas is evocative of broken bonds and isolated particles. When applied to the galaxy's life expressions, it's organisms, the former is evocative of symbiotic integration and galactic harmony, while the latter is evocative of scattered hostility and galactic invasion. We as a planet must choose to become either the former or the latter, here at the root of the Space Age.

In order to uphold the integrity of the galaxy now and into the future, I propose that it not only be considered a liquid but that it also be granted legal rights in the same way that various bodies of liquid on Earth, like Lake Erie, the Whanganui, the Ganga and Yamuna, the Rio Atrato, and all of the rivers in Bangladesh, have been granted legal rights. Those that harm those bodies are tried in court by their human representatives as if they’d harmed a living entity.
If the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole were granted legal rights, then so too would all of that which is within it. That includes all planets and lands, which would be used only where they'd use themselves. One such example would be for self-defense from asteroid impacts and to protect humanity via the judicial system, the medical system, etc. as their mode of that self-defense. It wouldn’t include though using them to abduct themselves via the entertainment industries. Nor would it include using them to invade and to parasitize other planets via viral space expansion. Not only would all lands within the galaxy be granted legal rights, but so too would all organisms, including all plants and all animals. Animal racing organizations, zoos, the pet industry, plant nurseries, etc. would be discontinued where they're not necessary to human survival, since they violate the rights of the animals and plants involved.
If, on the other hand, humanity is hesitant to acknowledge the galaxy's legal rights and continues their invasive trajectory not only here on Earth but also into space, then they should at the very least stop and acknowledge the galaxy's rights for their own survival. This is because every part of a vortex, galactic or not, contains the entire movement and is, therefore, everywhere within that vortex. What you do to a part of it, you do to the whole of it, including yourself. Where humanity uses, they are themselves used. If we are to cease unknowingly becoming for another, we must acknowledge the Milky Way's rights and do so fast. Only then will we acknowledge our planet's and our own. Participate in the galaxy's unfolding, and support this petition, as if its future depends on it. Thank you.

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