#Human Rights
Iranian Women's Movement, UN, Amnesty International
United Kingdom

19th July 2013 at 10 AM (Tehran Time)
Maryam Heydari a Women Rights Activist while enrooted to Babolsar city was arrested by un-uniformed government staff together with her cousin. They were arrested in Tehran Eastern Terminal.

Her 22 year old cousin, was keep crying and beg for help from the crowd. The staff took her on a corner and say if she continues crying she will also be arrested and taken to custody. Security Forces raided Maryam’s house in Babolsar city and confiscated her personal belongings such as: laptop, articles, books and other personal belongings.

Based on online skype chat we had together, Maryam was supposed to go to Babolsar city and consult with independent women rights cores on process of establishing Office of Women Rights Activists and how to discuss this issue with the new president Hassan Rowhani. The reason for consulting Rowhani was his presidential vows that all Syndicates must be independent . But Maryam was arrested in Tehran Eastern terminal while she was going to Babolsar city.Since the time of arrest, Maryam's parents have talked to their daughter only once. No one knows where Maryam is taken and she has not been given her legal rights to have a lawyer regarding her case.

Parents of Maryam Heidari are extremely worried about their daughter's situation and they dont know what will happen to her. Maryam's life is in danger.

Immediate and Unconditional release of Maryam Heidari.

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