#Human Rights
Janet Napolitano and Board of Immigration

FREE KAMBIZ BARZINI - Free Him From Broward Transitional Center, Stop His Deportation Order, and Grant Him Asylum

Kambiz Barzini came from a land so different than what we know in the United States where corruption and destruction is apparent in everyday life, and where right and wrong does not align with the ideals we have in this country. Can you imagine having to find your own set of right and wrong, when the land that you live in has different priorities?

Despite the corruption, he was raised with solid ideals that align with those in our country today - freedom, family, education, and justice. Living in a hell on earth, as some people describe the Iranian Revolution, the Barzini family was able to escape. For several years, his family lived as refugees in Germany. He was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to come to the United States, to leave behind the lifestyle that we can not even begin to imagine - knowing that the United States is a land where all are given the opportunity to pursue the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Where else, but a better place, than the United States of America? He is an intelligent human being who speaks fluently, reads, and writes four languages. In the states, he was given the opportunity to continue his education, compete in wrestling at the collegiate level, and earn his bachelors degree. But this opportunity was taken away from him. For years, Kami abided by what he was told - having hopes to one day become a citizen. If not citizenship, his hope would be that he would be at least granted asylum in our country, knowing if he is forced to return to the country he escaped from, his punishment will be imprisonment, torture, and ultimately death.

Because of where Kami came from, how he was raised by his parents with the notion of right and wrong, and the challenges that his family endured, he has still learned to appreciate life. His appreciation for life extends not only to his life or the lives of his loved ones, but to all the people whose lives he has come in contact with. He has a genuine compassion and care for other people. He is dedicated to serving others and demands nothing in return. His ability to connect with people, to listen with his whole heart, and to offer wisdom when he can is why I admire Kami Barzini. He teaches others what it means to appreciate our eyelids - the things that are right in front of us that we do not even realize and often take for granted. His hope and trust in humanity remains even though he has been to hell and back. He believes that human beings are ultimately good and we are placed on this earth to help one another, because one day there will be a time when we need help ourselves.

He is now trapped, being held at Broward Transitional Center, fearing for his life and the decisions that may be made. We will not tolerate the deportation of our dear friend and loved one. He is an asset to the United States, not only as a talented athlete, coach, and trainer, but as a compassionate person and someone who stands up for others, and speaks the truth when determining right and wrong. The injustices and broken laws that exist in regards to the immigration system are keeping this young man from pursuing his dreams - from achieving a college education, from giving back to others as others have given to him, and from freely loving others as he as been loved.

We, the undersigned, friends, companions, allies, and supporters of Kambiz Barzini DEMAND:

FIRST, FREE Kambiz Barzini from Broward Transitional Center, LIFT his final deportation order, REOPEN his case, and LISTEN to his story.

SECOND, TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION the current situation in Iran and the situation of the last 15 years. Remember why the Barzini Family and so many other families have had to flee for their own safety and pursue life in other countries.

THIRD, HAVE COMPASSION towards his situation and his family’s situation and take control by GRANTING HIM ASYLUM, and PROTECT HIM from the injustices that exist in Iran that are so much out of our control.

And remember, if our world, especially our country, were to have more people with a heart like Kami Barzini's our world would be that much better of a place.

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