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WA has had recent changes enacted by Landgate to attempt to stop fraudulent property sales in WA.

Landgate insist on their unlawful requirement of a statement from settlement agents, lenders, solicitors to provide them with a statement that they have undertaken over the top identity checks- even the fraud squad demonstrates fake ID is very difficult to spot by a trained officer.

Yet Landgate also want that statement to declare proper authority to transact on each property-yet they have failed to provide information on how to establish this?

Landgate have even gone further to declare they will no longer guarantee registration at lodgement of proper and fit documents- in effect funds could be handed over at settlement then cleared and possible fraudsters running off with the money while Landgate are able to refuse good title to the innocent buyer.

We propose that the onerous blame ladened statement required by Landgate is ineffective without having at least a clear link to the property.

We suggest at least a simple photograph of owners along with a notification of intent to sell (&/buy for e-conveyancing) be registered with title office to be able to compare to the ID will help establish the authority to transact.

We propose that all WA property transactions need to be ID checked PRIOR into entering a contract for sale, refinance, etc - that this authority then be registered and confirmed as valid at Landgate for all parties concerned to then re-confirm the ID and authority has been verified on the title. Thus be able to transact knowing they and Landgate have been satisfied with proper ID and authority to transact each dealing.

We propose that Landgate needs to be re-enact good title guarantee on lodgement (not registration) of fit and proper documentation.

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