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The title speaks for itself. If you have watched the Cleveland Browns at all you know this man is responsible for the teams downfall.

In 2007 the Browns were the product of a terrible schedule and finished with a 10-6 record. Mr Crennel is now 20-30 as a head coach and the Browns are back in the basement of the AFC Central and the NFL. His poor time management, horrible field goal calls, and lack of desire to win make me completely disgusted as a Browns fan.

Why does he always stand there with his arms folded? Why doesn't he show emotion? This is one of the toughest divisions in the NFl in the toughest conference. There is no room for ANYONE on the team to lack heart, ESPECIALLY the head coach.

Randy Lerner and Phil Savage please grow a pair and send this guy packing. Us Cleveland Browns fans show true emotion and desire for our football team and we demand and deserve the same in return from everyone in the organization ESPECIALLY our head coach.

Romeo does not have the common sense or desire needed to be successful as a NFL football coach.

Browns fans, join me in this petition and get this man fired! It may not work, but it will sure enough show our displeasure in a team we are supposed to believe in!

Fire Romeo Crennel!

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