Pennsylvania Department of State
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In order to find the remains of our stillborn son, Noach Gross, we filed a complaint to the Department of State in Harrisburg, PA, against the funeral home that dealt with his burial and lost track of his body. Based on our complaint, the Department of State initiated an investigation of professional misconduct against Joseph Levine & Sons Funeral Home in Oct. 2019. We put a lot of hope into the Justice System of the States to help uncover the circumstances of Noach's burial and to hold the Funeral Home responsible for their actions and wrongdoing.
In September 2020, they decided not to pursue the matter, without any further explanation.

To reiterate the facts:
1) The funeral home (located in Philadelphia, PA) has not provided the parents with a contract, neither with a disclosure of services and prices.
2) The funeral home has not overseen the burial.
3) They engaged a Brooklyn Funeral Home without the parents' knowledge or consent.
4) They have not obtained a burial record.
5) The funeral home has provided the parents with backdated correspondences before Noach was even born.
6) They are till now unable to proof if and where Noach was buried.

According to the Department of State in Harrisburg, this is not worth being further investigated or to hold the Funeral Home responsible. They allow them to let Noach (and probably many other babies) disappear without a trace or any documentation.

We, the undersigned, call on the Pennsylvania Department of State to further investigate the circumstances of Noach Gross' burial to determine the location of his remains and hold the involved parties responsible.

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