Farmers are not getting a fair price for milk. Processors are locked in contracts to supply milk to supermarkets at $1/L for up to 10 years. This is not sustainable and is putting immense pressure on the whole industry. The only way things can change is for supermarkets to renegotiate a higher price with processors so farmers can get a better deal. The recent Murray Goulburn fiasco should teach us a valuable lesson.

Hello Aussies.
I am a worker at a Milk processing plant in S.A. I'm lucky enough to work at a place where we make one of the most iconic flavoured milk drinks in the world. Theres some great people and it's  a clean modern factory.
 We also bottle milk for major supermarket retailers and that's where things turn sour. My job has changed a lot since the $1L milk war started years ago due to how it affects the whole industry. We're under a lot of pressure daily, to increase efficiency, reduce waste etc. Me and my workmates are ok but the farmers are doing it tough. I'm sure you probably know this already because it's been on the news and social media quite a bit.
I feel like nothing is being done to help the farmers. Some farmers are going to work everyday for nothing, some are walking off their farms after several generations of farming and some have even taken their own lives.
This is terrible and must stop!

I would like to ask you to join me in signing this petition to ask the supermarkets to renegotiate a better price so we can pay farmers a decent amount for their milk.

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