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Quite simply, without parents voluntary catholic secondary schools would not survive. Parents now provide over 30% of funding in voluntary contributions and fundraising. This is something that cannot be allowed to continue.
Minister Richard Bruton wants to give parents a strong voice in ensuring costs are always kept to a minimum. One substantial cost for parents each year is the voluntary fee. This level of parental support is necessary due to the inequitable funding of the voluntary sector. It is generally acknowledged that a Voluntary Secondary school of 400 pupils receives €212 per pupil less per annum in grants from the State than a similarly sized 400 pupil school in the ETB sector.
An ESRI report in 2013 was based on the most comprehensive survey ever of second level schools, and it shows that a significant gap (circa 30%) has developed between the funding of Faith based schools and State schools. The ESRI Study confirms that there is no equity in the way in which secondary schools in Ireland are funded. This is despite the majority of second level students in Ireland attending Catholic Voluntary Secondary schools.
By funding schools in other sectors to a greater degree than the voluntary sector the State is creating a double taxation for parents. Your taxes are contributing more towards the education of others than the education of your child. Fed-CSSPA is inviting the parents of the 194,164 students in our voluntary schools to join us in seeking equitable funding for our children’s education.
Sign this petition and let your local politicians know that you now know about the inequitable funding – help us to create the change. Provision for education should be the same for every child.

We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Education and Skills to fund the education of all second level students in an equitable manner.
There is one identifiable and clear disparity between voluntary secondary schools and the other two sectors. The deduction from capitation of an amount to cover the historic teacher salary grant is unique to voluntary secondary schools and therefore no comparators or detailed analysis is required to justify or quantify a change.
As partners in education we insist that a first step is taken to bring about equalisation of funding by eliminating this deduction. The Department has said it will do this when funding becomes available - find the funding - make it available. Our children deserve an education equal to that in other sectors - their education is our priority and should be yours.

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