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The law considers it illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without permission from the creator(s). Penalties often include high fines and/or imprisonment. But, why? The act of making copies doesn't affect the creators of those materials in any way, because they're intangible creations. Furthermore, the time that they'd spent making them with the false assumption that they'd get something in return for it is of the past and, as such, is incapable of being affected or lost in any way. Is the problem, then, the false assumption that they'd receive something in return not becoming the reality? That assumption, though, was never an agreement between the creator(s) and the audience themselves. Why, then, did the judiciary create a law out of that mere assumption? Is it because not living up to another's assumption while knowing that it was never an agreement in the first place is rude? If so, what's more rude: that or someone seeking to create a relationship with others in which those others are merely means to profit? (And, no, by making copies of copyrighted material, the former isn't doing the latter as well. Because a law-coerced doesn't make it a law-agreed-upon, and they'd never agreed to that assumption which the creator(s) had falsely assumed to be an agreement.) If the latter is more rude, is it truly something that your judiciary wants to continue supporting? (And, if so, what might that mean about your judiciary?) The cons of copyright protection are far greater than any pros, as all that it does is contribute to the mass production of low-quality material made only for the sake of making money, material especially not needed in a time of planetary crisis. If it didn't exist, then things would be created not with the sometimes false assumption that something would be received in return because of it but because what would be created would be something of actual value in and of itself. And, wouldn't the creators of those things want them shared as much as possible because of that then?

If you'd like to end copyright protection and to restore a world that moves more genuinely, then please support my petition in the description box below. Thank you.

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