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In Peru, over 2 million children work in order to get by; from mining to selling homemade objects on the streets. They are missing school just to work and make a maximum wage of $2-3 per day.

Because the children are working instead of being at school, they lack the proper education to have a bright future and their children are forced to work in order to survive as well. A vicious cycle starts from this. Because of this cycle, the poverty rate has not improved over the years, despite the growing economy.

The people suffering most from this are the next generation. Most of the population identified under extremely poor are the children. Along with the lack of education, the children have been suffering from health problems; specifically malnutrition and difficulties that arose during development. Peru needs to take kids out of the working force and put them into school in order to break this cycle.

We, the undersigned, urge Peru to take action and create laws to stop child labor. This way, children would be able to go to school, getting a better education and most likely a better future for generations to come.

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