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The state of Texas has made it impossible for a rehabilitated felon to become equally employed due to their background. All felons in Texas are not given the chance to prove themselves to a potential employer because they are never given the chance. Once an employer see the little box checked on the application they are never given another thought.

We felons or parolees have paid our debt to society, we spent time in prison for our crime, but each and everyday we are hit in the face that we are felons. Being a felon does not make you a bad person. There are some felons who do go back to prison time and time again, however, society should not judge us by just what a handful has done.

The laws and rules concerning hiring felons need to change immediately. We are everyday people trying to make it in todays society as well. We have child support to pay, we have monthly mortgages, car notes, utility bills - the list goes on and on.

We have families to provide for: getting paid minimum wage will not cut it. By not being able to obtain a good job, not only causes issues for the felon, but for their families, loved ones. What happened to "Second Chances"? We deserve to be able to provide for our families and future, just as much as the next person.

We have to pay taxes, so why can't we get a decent chance. Come on Texas - you have to wake up - give us a chance - that is all we are asking.

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