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The more that sign the more voices that are heard Help for Dyspraxia all the other conditions that run along side/overlap, including special needs and learning difficulties. These children/adults have hidden disabilities.....

Children/Adults with hidden disabilities have rights, please make education departments in all the U.K observe them.

We the undersigned would like to ask the Minister for Education and H.M. Government why some schools go out of the way to make life hard for some children and parents. Children get a diagnosis from the medical profession, or a statement from education dept. Schools then seem to go out of the way not to put measures in place, causing distress to both children and parents.

To some children/adults school/education is a hardship everyday, some teachers, teaching assistants, senco officers and headteachers do not help the situation. There are even cases of mental bullying from adults in school, as well as physical from children. Even being punished for their disabilities, when teachers know the children have problems.

Understanding is not in some schools vocabulary, and understanding is the key to these children/adults The way schools treats these children, gives us the impression these children are pulling their school ratings down, so therefore they are swept under the carpet and their needs pushed to one side. Some heads do not even want these children in their schools, and have stated the fact.

We are asking that all schools, colleges and universities are asked and made to take such children/adults into consideration. Like all children/adults, these children/adults who are different, have rights also.

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