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The undersigned respectfully request that in honor of Derrion Albert, a Street, Avenue, or Boulevard be named in his memory. Derrion was an honor student at Fenger, 10220 S. Wallace St. On Sept. 24, 2009, he was walking home past the Agape Community Center, 342 W. 111th St., when he was caught in the middle of a fight between Fenger students who lived in “The Ville” neighborhood near the school, and students who lived more than four miles south in the Altgeld Gardens public housing development.

Please sign the petition requesting that in honor and in the memory of Derrion J. Albert, a Street, Avenue, or Boulevard be named for this fallen teenager. The street where Derrion J. Albert was slain was located at 111th Street on the South Side of Chicago.

May the renaming serve as a significant reminder of the importance in fighting violent crimes in Chicago and to honor those victims in the community.

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