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Nearly 10%+ of ROBLOX players wearing face that called "WINNING SMILE". It's very annoying and even disturbing. Most of ROBLOX players hate that face. We are must stop that. We don't want that someone is looking right into your soul! We are tired of that! If we won't stop that, all of new ROBLOX players will wear this! We don't want it! We must get what we deserve and need! SIGN THIS UP AND WE CAN GET CHANCE OF DELETING THAT STUPID FACE!

We, ROBLOX players, want to you to sign up that petition to remove "Winning Smile" and "Friendly Smile" from ROBLOX completely!

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The Deleting "Winning Smile" and "Friendly Smile" from ROBLOX completely petition to ROBLOX Corporation was written by Nazarii Bespalyi and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.