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All the trees in Baguio City help provide oxygen, cleanse smog particulates, absorb CO2, increase and hold ground water level and prevent landslides.

They also provide shade and reduce temperature, improve urban soil/water/air quality; conserve energy, decrease storm water run-off, lessen noise and wind-speed, calm traffic, reduce glare, and; serve as aesthetic sense of place.

Unfortunately, we are seeing trees being cut faster than they are planted and our government officials and public servants seem to lack any sense of urgency to stop all these. A very glaring example is that of Luneta Hill whrein SMCD intends to cut 182 trees, 49 of which they already earth-balled causing the slow death of these trees. There have also been tree cuttings done at Camp John Hay and other parts of the city, even by government agencies like DPWH and by some schools and real estate developers.

These cuttings have to stop once and for all for the sake of the next generation. It is our inter-generational responsibility to preserve and protect the remaining flora for the future generation. It is also mandated of us, as stewards of God's creation.

We, the people of Baguio, especially the children and the young population, call and urge the City Council of Baguio City; to immediately craft a City Ordinance that will declare all trees in the city as Protected Species because these are important not only for the people of today, but more so for the next generation, so that there will be no more cutting, uprooting or harming of any tree.

And that the City Council will provide in the Ordinance appropriate legal measures as provided by law congruent with all Philippine laws that protect the trees, to make sure the Ordinance will be observed.

Without the trees, oxygen recharge to the atmosphere will not be possible, thereby increasing potential upper respiratory tract ailments such as asthma which attacks easily children, because smog particulates cannot be cleansed. Already, the World Bank declared Baguio City as having a very high pollution level.

Without the trees, carbon dioxide sequestration will not be possible, thereby increasing pollution level and health risks, especially to the young.

Without the trees, water supply will diminish and aggravate further the water problem in the city.

Without the trees, potential landslides, soil and water runoff and mudflows will increase as there will be no vegetative cover to protect the soil from torrential rains and absorb water.

Without the trees, the water holding capacity of the soil will lessen, like a foam already drenched, and will result to serious water run-off.

Without the trees, it will be warmer in the city, which is known or was known for its cool climate.

We therefore urge our City Council to make this City Ordinance now, as it is their duty and responsibility.

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