Filipinos and all citizens of the world

St. Corazon Aquino...why not? Saints are no different from what we call heroes in the secular world. They are heroes of the faith. This does not mean that they are without sin. Being a Saint means that they role models of the catholic Community. They have lived a life of great piety and sacrifice and set a shining example of pure and immaculate spirits.

The first saints were those who have died for their faith and have inspired the faithful to grow on their faith in the one true God. In addition to these traits, the modern saint should be someone that we could identify with. Someone that have walked among us. Someone who have shared our ideals and hardships in life. Cory Aquino was all that to the Filipino people. She died to herself so she could serve the nation.

Her life was an example of a pious life. She considered the rosary her most important weapon. Just like Mary she accepted wholeheartedly the Divine Plans for her. She was not perfect but she was always upright in her dealings with her fellowmen. Cory Aquino can be considered a modern hero of the church...a Saint. Her selfless dedication to the cause of freedom and democracy continues to inspire millions of Filipinos that we are not a lost cause.

We can still be a great country and Cory Aquino, our saint in heaven, will be praying for us before God the most high.

We push and support the cause for the beatification and eventual canonization of Corazon C. Aquino as a saint of the new millenium. To be a living example of what God wants us to be in our daily existence here on earth.

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