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On several dates in March, many people logged on to the Ticketmaster website to purchase tickets for the 2009 Jonas Brothers World Tour presale. Withinthe first 5 minutes, the presale was almost completely sold out, leaving less that desirable seats scattered throughout the venues. Shortly after, many tickets, specifically VIP and floor seats began to appear on eBay.com for ridiculously escalated prices.

Assuming there would be seats left during the General Admission sale on the morning March 28, many fans signed on. Instead of a renewed chance at purchasing decent seats, they were only met with disappointment, and an even worse selection of seats than offered during the presale.

Having dealt with this during the Jonas Brothers' 2008 tour, I decided that perhaps my only option would be to purchase from one of these resellers. Upon contacting one in particular and making an offer of $400 for four floor seats (which are priced at approximately $80 each), I was informed that any offer not close to his requested $900 would be declined.

Tickets are already costly, and fans should not be forced to pay anything more than face value in order to enjoy their sought experience.

Ticketmaster and eBay should enforce the policy listed on the Ticketmaster website.

The Ticketmaster policy states that tickets to events can be sold - but at face value ONLY.

eBay should no longer sidestep this issue by passing responsibility onto the seller and should combine with Ticketmaster in a joint effort to remove any listings that exceed the face value of the ticket.

We, the undersigned, call on Ticketmaster and eBay to address the issue of ticket scalping on eBay and enforce the rule that tickets can be sold ONLY at face value.

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