Let it be known that in the next few weeks about five thousand people will die in the Republic of Togo in protest against what appears to be a presidential election hold-up.

Unlike in Burkina Faso, when people ask for impeachment, the regime stands its grounds, and unlike in Baltimore, NY, when the people protest in the street the police shoot live rounds on the crowd and kill.

Just like right after the elections in 2005 and 2010, about 5,000 people will lose their lives, some will never be found. Unlike in Egypt this will never make it to news because the tiny Republic of Togo is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and unlike in Libya the US government does not care less because the country has no oil.

Five thousand lives could be saved in the next few weeks if CNN plays it right. The regime in place has been suffocating life out of its people for the past 48 years and is about to do it again. A fair, unbiased and accurate in-depth report and investigation of the situation on the ground is all that is needed to shed the light on the contentious and violent confrontations over the election results that have just taken place. The world needs to learn about the struggles of the Togolese people so they can get the help needed.

Burundi is facing a similar fate. Thousands of people are fleeing the country in fear of government retaliation on protest against President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term candidacy in spite of two term limit prescribed in the constitution. Few have already lost their life to the struggle and more will follow after the general elections. Unfortunately just like in Togo, this will not get the international news media attention. It’s only fair to ask CNN to act on behalf of the voiceless. We the rest of world owes it to the people who are in those struggles. Together, we can free them one life at the time, one country at the time.

This is a very urgent matter and could not wait a day, a week or a month. We have to act now if we want to save the life of the poor souls who are about to die. Consider this an act of goodwill paid for in thousands human lives you are about to save. No one has to die, not this time. The Togolese people have made too many sacrifices in the past. Too much blood has been shed by in the past. If you stand with the people, your camera rolling under the watchful eyes of the rest of the world no human life will be lost in the next few weeks as predicted. Will you stand idle and chose not to act and let these thousands of people die? You owe it to these people who will never have a voice otherwise.

We the undersigned call on CNN to do an in-depth report and investigation on the 2015 elections keeping both sides honest to prevent thousands of deaths that will result from post-election confrontations and turmoil.

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