Since 1st September 2009 my name has been used on a website (timcumper.com) without my authority - for the sole purpose of defamation and the spreading of distorted lies - as a part of a self-admitted SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign - designed to obliterate a story written by myself which includes some rather unfortunate speculation.

However, importantly, none of the people involved in this orchestrated campaign will admit to any first-hand knowledge of the subject matter contained within the story - and are basing their campaign entirely on hatred and contempt - deliberately painting a distorted version of events, to garner support.

I strongly believe that the website "The Tim Cumper Watch" located at www.timcumper.com - is solely intent on defamation through distorted lies - and has been instigated without the authority of the person Tim Cumper, against his will, and to the detriment of his character & reputation.

In the absence of any first-hand knowledge, the group of people responsible for launching this website as a part of their hostile SEO campaign - having already resorted to blocking his communication in the past - are now falsely accusing him of harassment and stalking.

Other attempts to remove this hostile material have failed - and as a last resort I am respectfully requesting Google to do all in their power to filter appearances of this website and connected material from their search engine.

Thank you.

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